Copywriters – who needs them, but most importantly – who are they?

To put it simply, we’re the word nerds who know which words sell and which ones don’t.

When you’re struggling with the wording for your website, or know you need meaningful written posts on your social media, but don’t know where to start – you can count on a Copywriter like yours truly.

Plenty of business owners know the ins and outs of their business, yet, it’s often because of this, desired markets are missed because word choices are too complex, or simply off the mark.

It’s up to a Copywriter to get to know the business, what makes it different, why it’s so special, and who’s behind it, delivering all these messages into a neat, tidy, and engaging format, known as copy.

Let a Perth Copywriter bust 8 copywriting myths.


MYTH 1: Copywriters can sell anything

As much as we like to think we’re magic, we are not magicians.


MYTH 2: Copywriting is just writing

There is SO much more that goes into what we do!


MYTH 3: We charge by the word

This isn’t how it works. In fact, the fewer words, the more difficult it can be for us sometimes.

MYTH 4: Copywriters need a degree

Whilst some do, it’s certainly not a requirement and I don’t have one.


MYTH 5: Editing copy is easier than writing it

Definitely not. This is often quite the opposite, in fact.


MYTH 6: Copywriting is a form of copying

No, no, no, no, no! This is absolutely not what we do.

We do NOT copy (despite the use of the word). Copywriting has absolutely nothing to do with copyright (I’m definitely not a lawyer).


MYTH 7: All Copywriters are the same

Most of us are pretty amazing, but we all have different skillsets and niches. One copywriter may be right for one business, but not another.

I have copywriters I’ll happily refer to clients if I feel I’m not the right fit.

MYTH 8: Copywriters can read minds

Ah! Wouldn’t this be nice? I’m sure some clients think I can, but I’m afraid this isn’t the case.

Sorry to disappoint you.


As a Perth Copywriter, I help businesses of any size, from the exciting new start-ups to well-established branding overhauls find the right words to convey their message.

Craven Content can help you with:

  • Wonderful website content and copywriting – to connect to visitors to your website
  • Eyes for editing – with proofreading and editing services to add sparkle to existing copy and content
  • Blog writing – to inform and engage your customers and potential customers with areas of interest tailored to your business.

Everybody has a unique story, but not everybody has the right words to successfully share it.

Rest assured that as a professional Perth Copywriter and Content Writer, the copy and content representing your business will feel like magic.

Need help finding the right words to sell or story tell?

Contact Craven Content today for written copy and content to get to the readers you want the most.

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