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Writer’s Block – Is it real?

Writer’s Block. Is it real? Or just a figment of our imagination? Whether it’s real or not. I get it! I procrastinate, I pace around the house with a self-pitying expression on my face, I eat, I make too many cups of tea, I clean the kitchen, I google things, I even...

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Running a business solo? You need to read this  

Recently, I wrote about my struggle and how I got from struggle to strength and the business networking communities that helped. Some of these communities are: The BNI High Flyers Inspired Women Social Media Perth Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (yes, that is the...

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You may mean business, but it’s okay to say no!

Today I said no. I said no to a potential client. I said no for the first time in my business. I bet you’re thinking, “She must be crazy!” But first, let me explain… A potential client wanted some website copy written within 3 business days.  I knew that...

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Why you need quality copy on your website!

Whether your small business is old or new, at one point or another, updating your website is something you will simply have to do! It could be a brand-new website, with new branding, new images, new everything – the whole shebang!  Or, you could simply update a few...

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People buy from people – Let me show you why

I’m a big believer in the fact that it’s okay to share something personal about yourself.  It’s okay to be real and it’s okay to be a little vulnerable, even in the business world. Why?  Because people buy from people and if you don’t show your personality, yourself...

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Do you know your ideal customer?

Knowing and truly understanding your ideal customer is a vital part of a profitable and purposeful business.  It helps you create better products and services, write better copy and focus your time and energy on the important aspects of your business. Doing so, will...

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I can write. Why do I need you?

In a recent meeting, I was slightly challenged when a potential client said: “I can write! Why do I need you?" Admittedly, I was slightly taken a back as I had never been asked this question before.  After pausing, I responded with, “I’m glad you asked. I need...

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My greatest lessons in business so far

  Starting your own business can be daunting to say the least! In my latest blog, I look back on my business journey so far and share some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned, so that you too, may feel more confident in starting your own business journey.  ...

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Finding my WHY

If you’re a fellow small business owner like myself, or are a fan of anything motivational, you’re bound to have heard of a man named Simon Sinek.  You’re also bound to have heard the term ‘Finding your WHY’. For those of you who don’t know what I’m on about it… Simon...

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A year in the life of Craven Content

Today marks one whole year since I began my business and in the midst of all of my joy and pride, I wanted to share the journey of my first year with you all…   Reflection Tonight, as I sit here sipping on a glass of Taylor’s Jaraman 2014 Shiraz (not my usual $10...

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Blog envy?

I have a cure for that.