2020 – so far, it’s brought us catastrophic bush fires, the Covid-19 pandemic and possibly a global recession of epic proportions.

In recent weeks, Covid-19 has brought fear, uncertainty and challenges across the world – for individuals, our economy and businesses (big and small).

Your online presence is now more important than ever. This is your chance to boost your online presence and stay connected to your customers online.

How? Read more from Perth Copywriter, Craven Content to find out.

Brands don’t go into isolation

As businesses go into lockdown and more people are needing to self-isolate, more time is being spent online by consumers and, as a result, more businesses are transitioning to the online world.

We may go into isolation, but our brands don’t have to.

This is your chance to build your brand, boost your online presence, stay connected to your customers online and build brand awareness.

How? Here are a few ways:


Write a business blog

When written correctly and consistently, blogs are a highly effective marketing tool.

Post on social media

Ensure your posts are engaging, valuable, relatable and most importantly – consistent.

Send an email

We all need a bit of extra support and encouragement at the moment. Send an encouraging email to your clients, past and present, to check-in and see how you can help.

Host a webinar or online course

It’s time to get online – in every way. Host a webinar or online course. There’s a first time for everything, right?

Refresh your website copy

When was the last time you wrote new copy or read your existing website copy? It might be time to refresh your old copy or write some new website copy for your brand.

Not sure where to begin?

A Perth Copywriter like me can help with some or all of the above.



Staying connected with copy and content


With social distancing measures now coming into our lives, staying connected to your customers online is crucial and – copy and content will help you do it.

Stay connected with your customers and target market online, engage with them, and provide them with information and value during this difficult time. If you’re not going to do it, then who is?

Connecting with your customers with copy and content is important – even through fear and uncertainty, even through the Covid-19 crisis.


We may go into isolation, but our brands don’t have to.


As a Perth Copywriter, I’m here to help you make some magic happen for your business, in hard times and in easy times, now and into the future.

Contact me to find out how I can help make your business shine today.

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