Google’s 2022 Core Algorithm Update is complete! Woohoo!

Who cares, right? Well, you might care if you knew how it could impact your business (aka how your ideal customers can find you).

As far as content is concerned, this recent Google update will have a BIG impact, particularly on content writers and copywriting businesses like mine.

Why? Because nothing replaces the human touch and Google has just confirmed it.

Read more to find out how Google’s 2022 Core Algorithm Update might impact your business and why it’s time to review your website content.


AI content is out and human content is in!

Yep, Google has just confirmed they will now be penalising AI written content and rewarding human written content by helping you increase your ranking.

How do they know the difference between AI and human written content? Well, I haven’t quite worked that one out yet, but if you compare the two, I think it’s pretty obvious.

It’s now more important than ever to have humans writing your content.


What’s the difference between AI content and human content?

Put simply, humans can write what robots can’t.

Only a human can make your content engaging and creative, ensure it speaks to your ideal customer and uses their language, as well as words they will be able to connect with and relate to. Only they, can get to know your brand’s tone of voice and use it throughout your content and copy.

If you’ve discovered a robot that can do that though, I’d love to hear about it!


What is Google looking for in website content?  

So, what exactly is Google looking for in website content?

Google is looking for the best content possible and this should include things like:

  • Original information, reporting and research
  • A comprehensive description of the topic
  • Insightful analysis or interesting information
  • Extra value
  • Connection and engagement

Bottom Line? Quality content is the name of the game.


What can you be doing to make Google happy?

This is a really important time to go back and review your own website content, blogs, articles, etc, and evaluate them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it engaging?
  • Has it been written by a human?
  • Is it conversational?
  • Does it provide value?
  • Is it comprehensive?
  • Are you guilty of keyword stuffing?

Go to your website and do this now and then create a plan of how you’re going to fix it!

You’re either going to need to spend some serious hours rewriting your existing content, or even writing completely fresh content, or engaging a professional content writer and copywriter like myself, to help you do it.

Before you do this though, have a look at where your website Is currently ranking for your specific keywords on Google now.

Why? Because who knows, if you dramatically Improve your content, by ensuring sure it has all the above, then your Google rankings could increase over the next few months. Wouldn’t that be nice?


A team of Perth human content writers can help

So, there you have it, Google’s 2022 Core Algorithm Update is complete!

And, if there’s one thing It’s taught us, is that the time to raise your website content quality standards was.…yesterday!

Not sure where to go to from here? My team and I are HUMAN and here to help.

Get in touch with your local human team of Perth-based content writers and copywriters today.

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