LinkedIn – it’s essentially the Facebook of business. However, rather than ‘liking’ your family’s holiday photos or sending memes to your friends, you post and share relevant, relatable and professional content that may be meaningful and engaging to your connections.

How do you use LinkedIn to boost your business?

Read more from Perth copywriter, Craven Content to find out.


LinkedIn in a nutshell


LinkedIn is a professional networking site which gives people the opportunity to share business-related work and skills. Consider it your online CV which can be available to anyone, or just your connections (based on your privacy settings).

Remember, although they look very similar, LinkedIn and Facebook are VERY different.

Here’s how:

  • Instead of ‘friends’, you make connections that are relevant to your business or career
  • You post valuable, professional content, not memes and selfies
  • Private messaging is available with both LinkedIn and Facebook, but with LinkedIn, your messages should be strictly professional and meaningful


What to use LinkedIn for


LinkedIn should be used for:

  • Professional networking
  • Job searching activities
  • Building credibility and professional reputation by liking, commenting on and sharing the posts of your connections


How Craven Content uses LinkedIn


As a Perth Copywriter, I understand the benefit of LinkedIn for my business and clients.

I try to post on LinkedIn daily and use similar content across all my business socials (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). This ensures my brand is consistent and I regularly reach a larger audience.

Some tips from my LinkedIn profile, to yours:

  • Always link your posts back to your business website
  • Don’t sell! Your posts shouldn’t be an advertisement
  • Engage and educate – Example: I provide advice and value with my content and copywriting tips
  • Post meaningful and relatable content – Example: As a small business owner who works from home, I sometimes mix humour into my content by sharing the fact that I often talk to myself. Posts such as this gain a lot of engagement because others can relate. This is totally relatable, right guys?
  • Provide your connections with samples of your work. As a Perth Copywriter, I consistently post blogs and articles that are also available on my blog. This helps increase my visibility, credibility and reputation in the Perth Copywriting industry.




How LinkedIn has helped Craven Content


Since embarking on my full-time, small business expedition two years ago, I have gained 10 new clients directly from LinkedIn. These are the people who told me they found me from LinkedIn.

There may be many more…

Some of these connections have followed my small business posts and copywriting tips for months before reaching out to work with me.

One of my highlights was definitely a Marketing lecturer at Edith Cowan University finding me through LinkedIn and asking me to guest lecture on the topic of blogging – I’ve had the pleasure of guest lecturing twice now and absolutely love it!



How LinkedIn can help your business


I’ve told you how LinkedIn has helped my business, but what about yours?

By connecting with your target market on LinkedIn and posting regularly, it could help your business too.

There are ways for people who aren’t current connections to find and connect with you too. How? With engagement and sharing from your current connections and the use of hashtags.

For example, I use hashtags such as: #perthsmallbusiness, #smallbusiness, #copywriter, #contentwriter

Which hashtags will you use to help your business get found?


If you need help setting up a new LinkedIn profile or optimising your existing one, I can help.

Contact me today to see how my way with words can help boost your business on LinkedIn, from getting seen, to getting hired!


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