In the marvelous, yet sometimes mysterious world of marketing, a ‘call to action’ (CTA) is defined as a piece of content intended to prompt a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act.

You can find said CTAs all throughout websites (well, the good ones anyway), articles, and even savvy social media posts. Typically, they take the form of an instruction or directive (e.g., act now, buy now, click here, learn more).

It’s your job to provide products and/or services of value to your ideal customers. As your Perth Copywriting expert, it’s my job to make your call to actions work.

So, let’s delve deeper into their necessity.


Why commit to call to actions at all?

As a business owner, the CTAs you use throughout your website and social media content, as a rule of thumb, should be reviewed regularly and form part of your overall marketing strategy.

Haven’t looked at yours recently? You need to. They are the part of your marketing that tells your potential client exactly what to do, making them a crucial component.

Do you have a killer product or service you want to market?

‘Push it, push it real good’ by evoking an immediate action. Want it? Buy it. Interested? Learn more. Feeling inspired? Act now.

Ideally, the words on your website and the content on your socials should have your ideal customers excitedly calling, eagerly emailing or readily filling out your contact form.


A fool-proof strategy to create call to actions that work

As a Perth Copywriting expert tasked with crafting CTA’s, I’ve compiled this guide to help me through.

As a little gift to you, here it is to help you too:


Use words that evoke emotion

Emotional copywriting is the most powerful of all.

Think about the specific emotions within your ideal customer that you’re trying to appeal to, before writing your CTA.


Give your audience a ‘why’

Why should they choose your business over another?

Focus on what’s in it for them (not you). Rather than just using ‘call today’, try ‘call today for your FREE consultation’ – this gives them a very good reason to ‘call today!’


Treat FOMO as your friend

Ah yes, the fear of missing out (FOMO) on an exclusive deal or opportunity.  No one wants to miss out, which makes FOMO an extremely effective motivator.

Take advantage of this fact by using CTAs like “Shop today! Sale ends on Monday,”


Don’t risk confusion with too many CTAs

We’ve all seen it, a website with multiple CTAs. It’s confusing. You don’t know what they want you to do, so you end up leaving the page feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t let your potential customer feel this way – focus on one CTA – two if you must.


Make your CTAs easy to find

There is absolutely no point in having great call to actions, if your potential customer can’t even find them.

Use the same CTA across your website and make it really easy to find, as part of your overall customer journey.


What can we say about call to actions?

When cleverly constructed, call to actions work. So, sprinkle generously throughout your copy and use my top 5 CTA creation tips above to help you through.


Your website is there to inform and impress after all, and the small, yet mighty powerful call to action exists to seal that sweet deal.

Need help with your CTAs?

Contact the Perth Copywriting team at Craven Content today for the word wizardry needed to make your website and business communications shine.

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