To grow, love and accept ourselves as a person we need to learn to love our differences, quirks, capabilities and strengths. We need to find what makes us unique.

So, why should our business strategy be any different?

As a Perth Copywriter and Content Writer, I’m in the business of helping businesses find, develop and display what makes them unique.

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What’s your unique selling point? 

Your unique selling point or proposition (USP) is the essence of what makes you and your product or service unique and separates your business from your competitors. When you find your USP and communicate it to your target market, you’re on your way to converting those leads into clients.

A USP that works is:

  • Uniquely you
  • Daringly different
  • Customer-focused
  • More than just a slogan


A USP example that I think really works is Mars:

“The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not your hand.”

Why does it work? Because it addresses the main point of messy, chocolatey fingers and conjures up the pleasure of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Yum!

Need help focusing in on your USP? A Perth Copywriter will help you talk the talk, so you can focus on walking the walk.


Discover what makes your business unique

To truly discover what makes your business unique, take a moment to focus on your business, rather than comparing it to your competitors.

Try these little things:

  • Writing down your life experience, including your 5 big successes, 5 moments of failure and lessons learnt along the way.
  • Exploring your connections, mentors and staff, your current and ideal audience and clientele.
  • Identifying your business goals and viewpoints. Find out what frustrates you in your industry, how things can run more smoothly, how you are trying to change the game or solidify your place in the market?
  • Discovering your why – why do you get up in the morning, what drives you and why do you do what you do?
Finding what makes your business unique takes some definite soul-searching.

If you have the ideas, but not a way with words, the desire to expand your marketing potential, but not the time to do it yourself, you need a Perth Copywriter to help.


Speak to your audience with a Perth Copywriter

How can your target market possibly know and understand what makes your business unique if you don’t share it with them? The short answer: They can’t.

With my help, your business can shine through identifying and shouting out from the rooftops (so to speak) what makes yours unique.

Whether it’s regular business blogs, refreshing your website content, developing sales campaigns, copywriting and more, the Perth Copywriting and Content Writing services you need to identify and communicate your uniqueness (yes that’s a word!) are right here.

Contact Craven Content today for Perth Copywriting and Perth Content Writing services to make your business stand out amongst the crowd.



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