We all crave connection, whether we admit to it or not. This not only translates to our personal lives like romantic relationships, friendships and family circles, but to our business relationships and buying decisions, too.

As a business owner or someone with a message to share, how can you create that connection?

It comes down to keeping it real, raw and emotional. ‘It’ being you and your business brand.

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Create caring copy

We all want reassurance that we’re not alone in what we believe, choose and do.

So, as a business you must try, wholeheartedly, to reassure your audience that your business is here for them.


  • Remind them, through your socials, of what you and your business offer
  • Let them know how you will enrich their lives and make their buying decisions easier, i.e., have you launched anything different?
  • Start an open-ended conversation
  • Ask for feedback, suggestions and reviews
  • Devise, create and publish meaningful, caring copy and content.

Feeling lost in the process of starting a connection? Hire a Perth content writer to establish and implement a content strategy and help keep it real.


How to keep it real in your business communications


This is what it looks like to keep it real in your written communications:

  • Empathy – We see you; we get you, and we recognise your feelings and pain points.
  • Storytelling – The oldest trick in the book that will allow your reader to identify the protagonist (hint: it’s you!)
  • Plain English – No need for fancy-pants writing, as the more people who relate, the better.
  • Persuasive and attractive words – Think: easy, free, safe, proven, value, imagine, remember, you.

Want to read more? Here’s another great article on how to keep it real.


What should you avoid in your copy and content?

There are good rules of thumb to follow in the journey of keeping it real.

Then there are things to avoid:

  • Newness and exclusivity – Sure, you have an intended target market, but don’t noticeably ignore, disregard or deter other markets.
  • Greed and boastful content – Greediness and boasting is never a nice marketing strategy to pursue for any business.
  • Urgency and fear – A great marketing strategy has a clear call to action. However, no business copy and content should be written with a tone of voice of urgency and fear.

Need a content strategy shake-up? You need a Perth copywriter and content writer to keep it real with caring, customer-centred copy.

How a Perth Content Writer keeps it real

As a Perth content writer, I’m in the business of keeping it real. Why? Because I know what words work well to create that connection, entice readers and encourage action.

I also do it for my own Perth copywriting business by sharing:

  • My small business trials and tribulations
  • Working from home tips
  • Reminders on giving yourself a break, boundaries and self-love
  • What I do to wind down (red wine, face mask and Netflix if you’re interested).

Show that you care in all that you do, and all that your business represents. This is easily achieved through consistent social media, email marketing and website content.


Need help keeping it real?

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