Leads, long-lasting connections, sales and viability – it’s what businesses want and what we need!

Whether we sell house and land packages, write wonderful words, or operate a boutique bouquet delivery service, if we don’t have clients, we don’t have a business.

So, how do we let people know that what we have and what we do is better than anyone else? By being more approachable!

How do we do this? Read more from Perth Content Writer, Craven Content to find out.


Be more approachable with user-friendly interfaces


Let’s say you’ve seen an online ad that takes your fancy, so you click on it. The ad brings you to a sub-par website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2000!

According to Adobe, 40% of users will stop engaging with a website if the content, layout and overall website design looks tacky or is hard to use.

Why? Because bad website design looks like your business doesn’t care about its audience or keeping up-to-date with technology.

People want website design and website content to be:

  • Beautiful
  • Clean
  • Bold
  • Minimalist, and
  • Easy to navigate and understand.


Wonderful website design and beautifully written content makes your business approachable with its user-friendly interfaces.

Haven’t updated your website in a while? Do you cringe when looking at it or sending the link to a potential client? Then it’s time to see what a whole new website could do for your business.


Be more approachable with clever, creative and consistent content


On a similar note to user-friendly interfaces, to be approachable, you need the power of content to get you there. As consumers, we crave trust, transparency, good-quality, value for money products and services, and a reason to buy.

With the right words, someone you may not have considered to include in your target market, may decide they absolutely must have what you’re offering!


How the power of words makes your business more approachable:

  • Words persuade, soothe, comfort, encourage and inform
  • Clever content writing can make readers laugh, cry, sympathise and empower
  • Search engine optimised (SEO) content can rank your business higher on Google.


Words are a Perth Content Writer’s cup of tea, with content writing and copywriting services to help businesses shine and increase leads through formulating an approachable brand.


Be more approachable by creating a connection


Have you ever walked into a shop and walked straight back out because the employee or owner was either disinterested or too pushy? Words, or lack thereof, can make or break a consumer’s desire to buy or connect with you too.

So, how exactly can you connect with your customers without coming off as disinterested, or too sales-y?

One word: relatability

We’re all human, and whether we like to admit it or not, we like to engage with and feel connected to others, be it a person or brand.

Get real and get relatable. Tell a story that’s real, relatable and relevant to your reader and see what happens.


Be yourself! The right customers will relate to you and stick around – don’t worry about the rest.


How a Perth Copywriter can help you connect with your customers:

  • Copywriting – tells your story, increased brand awareness and gets results
  • Blog writing – a more niche and consistent way to connect with your readers
  • Content writing – gets your website seen by the right people


It’s time to show people what we have and what we do and why they absolutely need to have it, now! It’s time to show our potential customers that not only do we have what they want, or offer what they need, but that we’re approachable too.

With some relatability, clever content writing and user-friendly digital platforms – your business will be on a one-way train to leads and lasting connections.


Need a helping hand to make your business more approachable? Contact Perth Content Writer, Craven Content today to get your story out there and connect to more people.

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