Whether you’re an introverted homebody or an extraverted life of the party, we all crave connection.

It could be in the form of a good book or TV show, or a lifelong friend, family member, or colleague who just “gets you.” Connection just feels…good.

Many things relate from our personal lives to our careers, and connection is no different.

Are you craving connection? Do you want to know how to stay connected to your customers through thick and thin and everything in-between?

Read more from Perth Copywriter, Craven Content to find out how to do it.


Connect with your customers with these simple suggestions

When you stop seeing customers as more than just money makers and start seeing them as real people, with real needs, longing for someone to listen, you’re truly ready for a journey on the road to connection.

Whether you’re an independent bakery owner, corporate gift box delivery manager, inner-city florist, business coach and consultant, or restaurant extraordinaire – if you’re in business, you can benefit.

The road to customer connections:

Quit the one-size-fits-all approach immediately: Grouping every single customer together harms the individuality of each customer and thwarts connection.

Respond to concerns and feedback professionally and appropriately: Don’t make excuses or ignore negative feedback, especially on social media. Try rectifying accordingly.

Say goodbye to aggressive selling tactics once and for all: Conversational conveys better.

Review communication methods: Face-to-face interactions still have their rightful place, but always ask what your customer’s best method of communication is and don’t forget to mention yours.

Be careful how you grow: Your business is there to grow, so by all means grow it, but don’t step on and ignore loyal customers to get places.

Appreciate customers thoughtfully: This can be in the form of discounts and/or personalised thank you messages or gifts, for supporting your business.


We’re not done yet…

Post engaging and valuable content on social media and do it in line with the 4 C’s: Clear, Clever, Creative and Concise.

Write and post informative and interesting blogs: Not the best writer? Not to worry, because a Perth Content Writer can help. Ask me about my business blog writing services to see why businesses and customers love them.

Send out an encouraging email: Remember, we’re all in business and all in this thing called life, together. If there’s anything 2020 taught us, let it be the value of checking in on people in our network, industry, supply chains and of course, our customers.

Host a webinar or online course: Connection has a lot to do with value-adding interaction. Why not organise a webinar or online course to interact, teach and inspire your audience?


How Craven Content can keep you connecting

Craven Content, through the magical power of word wizardry, helps businesses connect with their customers and the right people.

How? With:


Craving connection with your customers? You’re not alone.

Contact Craven Content today to see how a Perth Copywriter and Perth Content Writer will help you with content that truly connects with people.



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