Recently, I wrote about my struggle and how I got from struggle to strength and the business networking communities that helped.

Some of these communities are:

So how did these communities help me go from struggle to strength? And why are they so great?

Networking groups such as these provide solopreneurs with opportunities you simply wouldn’t get otherwise.  Namely, opportunities for feedback, discussion, exchange, camaraderie, and someone to share breakfast with once a week!

Thinking these communities might help you too?  Get inspired here:


Ask for a little Advice

Some days, I just don’t know what to do. And in many cases, I know that my parents and friends (as supportive as they may be), just won’t know the answer, or are too ‘nice’ to be completely honest!

It is in these moments that I turn to one of my trusty Facebook business networking groups – I simply post a question and have multiple amazing women in business, just like me, replying in no time (sometimes even within minutes).


Get your sense of Belonging back

Not only did I begin to miss that sense of belonging gained from working in an office environment, working solo highlighted the importance of being part of a group and the potentially negative impact of being without it.

Communities like these, provide you with this sense of belonging.


Make some meaningful Connections

As well as making some great business connections, through these networks I have made some extremely meaningful connections too.

So, what constitutes a meaningful connection? A meaningful connection is not superficial, it is supportive and respectful.  People who have a meaningful connection can call on each other at any time (within reason) for advice, support, and encouragement.

The meaningful connections I have developed over recent months have reminded me of why I’m doing what I do, have kept me focussed and, I believe, I may have even made a real friend or two.


Gain some Guidance

As a newcomer in the business world, I still have a lot to learn.

These communities have provided me with opportunities to meet older and wiser women, as well as women of the same age, but with more experience than I.

A little guidance can go a long way…


Get some Business!

Connection and belonging are important.  But of course, we can’t possibly keep running our businesses without… business!

These communities help you get just that. Getting your name out there and forming meaningful networks and connections, increases your opportunity to grow your business and, more importantly, the business you actually want and deserve.

I thank these communities for all of the above and more. Most of all, from stopping me from giving up and going insane!


Solo or not, I encourage you to feel your fears and join a business networking community anyway!

And please don’t wait for someone to invite you, search the internet for groups in your area and join some business groups on Facebook which tickle your fancy.

I promise you won’t regret it!

Want to find out more about the communities I’m a part of and how you can join? Call me! Let’s chat!

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