Hi, I'm Sami Craven

Perth Copywriter & Content Writer

I use my way with words to help small businesses get results.

From a very young age I loved writing and have had a way with words. I excelled in English and was forever writing short stories, song lyrics and poetry.

Always looking for different ways to be creative.

I was first published at just twelve years of age, when one of my poems was featured in Dolly Magazine (I still have one of the lip smackers I won as a memento)!

Even back then, grammatical and spelling errors jumped out at me in almost everything I read, and so developed my love of editing. Reading websites and advertising, I often envisage more powerful ways they could be written and it occurred to me that many people need assistance in this area.


My working background is in Administration, with thirteen years’ experience in this field. Why is this relevant? Because among many other things this involved a great deal of written and verbal communication, use of technology, consistent client engagement and interaction, as well as marketing.

In recent years, I have completed studies in Business Administration, Communication and Media, Blogging, Copywriting, Content Writing and Social Media.

I achieved high distinction in Communication and Media, which took me to Sydney in 2013, where I received an Outstanding Student Award – Another proud moment for me.

In July 2016, Craven Content was born.

In October 2017, at just 15 months of age, Craven Content became a full-time gig.


Over 100 small businesses, in 30 different industries, across Perth and Australia have experienced the magic of my words and this number continues to grow.

Are you ready for your small business to shine?


Still reading?

Wondering why I do what I do?

Let me share my ‘WHY’ with you…


As a child I had a severe stutter and wasn’t able to get my thoughts and feelings across as often, or as well as I would have liked. Sometimes, I wasn’t able to get them across at all.

I would spend much longer than the average person trying to speak. So much so, I would often cry, yell, scream or have a tantrum because I was so extremely fed up and frustrated. But for the most part, I would just give up.

And so, because speaking was often such a challenge for me… I wrote! I wrote whenever and whatever I could. I wrote anything from stories to poems, to song lyrics, to everyday life in my journal. It was easier for me. I could express exactly what I wanted to express, when and how I wanted to express it.


The page I was writing on, or the keyboard I was typing on,

wouldn’t laugh at me or try to finish my sentences.

With writing, I was free!

To this day, I still have a stutter, but it’s nowhere near as severe as it used to be and I’m now perfectly capable of holding a conversation.

In saying all of this though and no matter how much my speech has improved, writing is still very much my preferred form of communication and expression and do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I know what it’s like not to have a voice.


I know what it’s like not to be able to express or communicate my feelings, thoughts, knowledge and ideas and I know in my heart that I don’t want anyone else to know how that feels if I can help it.

I want to help others have a voice, by helping people who don’t enjoy writing, people who aren’t talented when it comes to writing or people who perhaps can’t even write at all… To help people put their ideas, thoughts, knowledge and feelings into the written word. By doing so, I will not only be helping them share their stories, help their businesses to grow and their passions get out into the world and shine, I will also be helping myself, by sharing one of my talents and my ‘WHY’, with the world.

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