Everybody loves a story. It’s how legends are made (from old wives tales, fables to superheroes), lessons are learnt, and dreams are created.

Did you know storytelling helps businesses market themselves too?

Storytelling has evolved these days into a term commonly known as content marketing.

Want to discover the power of content marketing for your business?

Read more to find out.


What is Content Marketing?

Creating, publishing and distributing content for target audiences online, that’s the essence and beauty of content marketing.

From a technical side, content marketing, through well-planned and executed SEO keywords works wonders on the web

From a human side, it creates connection, evokes emotion and builds that all-important trust with your customers. Remember, customers are humans, humans love stories – so, THAT’s why it’s oh-so needed!

Did you know one-in-three Australians state viewing a company’s content

has led them to make a purchase?

I’ll whip up word wizardry to entice, allure and excite your readers for content they will crave.


Why you need content marketing

Content marketing answers your audience’s questions and lets them get to know you and what you offer. A good content marketing strategy allows you to address their pain points too.


  • In the form of FAQs, About Us and Product Descriptions on your website
  • Consistent and high-quality content on your business website and socials allow you to generate more leads and improve your conversions
  • Build authority and establish trust with an existing audience and potential customers

Some interesting statistics came out of a recent Australian survey.

Tell me more:

  • Australians between 45 and 64 years old are the most likely to turn to and rely on ‘how-to’ guides (aka content) before making a purchase.
  • Gen Z, that is, those aged between 18 and 24 prefer short and snappy social media posts over long-form content.

What does this mean?

Studies have shown that in-depth ‘how-to’ guides are popular with Baby Boomer and Gen X business owners. Detailed content marketing is your best plan of action when targeting these demographics.

Want to target younger adults? Try to keep it short and sweet, meaningful and relevant with a social media presence and 500-word business blogs.

The words that will win your customers and clients over will be yours when you contact a Perth Content Writer.


Seek a helping hand from a Perth Content Writer

Craven Content is in the business of telling stories and helping businesses with their written content needs. We know which words work well and which words need to cease and desist.

Here’s how we help businesses utilise content marketing:

  • Whipping up website content that has people wanting more
  • Crafting clever copywriting to increase sales
  • Evoke emotions in your reader and construct authenticity and a trustworthy brand
  • Building business blogs from the ground up to keep yours consistent

A Perth Content Writer will be your helping hand – all you need to do is reach out.

Contact Craven Content today to get noticed and attract your target market.

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