Words on paper or your digital screen have been written with many intentions in mind.

You see, there are words that make you feel things – like powerful poetry or perhaps a moving social media post. Then there are books and articles that inform, intrigue, and excite the reader.

And then, if you’re a person seeing an advertisement or viewing a website, thinking about your next purchase, there are words that are constructed to sell.

These words are collectively called ‘copy.’

Want to know 3 tips for copy that sells?

These come straight from the “Father of Advertising” and “original Mad Man” himself – David Ogilvy.

Read more from a Perth Copywriter at Craven Content to discover 3 tips for copy that sells.


Tip 1: Go big or go home

Basically, if you can’t write amazing copy yourself, don’t bother.

As a business owner, you probably already wear too many hats. It’s okay to outsource – it will only make your life and day-to-day business operations, that little bit easier.

Fortunately, there are professionals out there who can ‘go big’ for your business – a Perth Copywriter at Craven Content.


Tip 2: Do your homework

Aw really? Homework? But you left school [insert number of years ago here].

Homework = research. This means if you’re not researching the people (aka target audience) you’re writing for, you’re not truly understanding their pain points and what they want.

Want to know a little secret? When you try and target everyone with your copy and your message, you’re essentially talking to no one.

So, do your research on your audience. Or hire a Perth Copywriter to do your homework and write your science project words for you.


Tip 3: Explain WHY customers should buy

Tips 2 and 3 go hand in hand like salt and pepper, bread and butter, gin and tonic and…okay, you catch my drift. Your homework includes understanding and explaining why your customers should buy from you.

After all, if you want a customer to act, you need to tell them WHY they should buy.

Here’s how:

  • Avoid beating around the bush – did you know you have less than 15 seconds to capture your customer’s attention on your website?
  • Focus on the benefits of your product or service over the detailed specs.

Trust me, customers want to know how and why your product or service will make their lives easier, or their chores faster, maybe their me-time more fun and…again, catch my drift?


Bonus Tip: Rely on a Perth Copywriter

I get it. Your business is your business, and nobody knows your business quite like you do.

However, this is where the Craven Content Creative Brief comes in. This is where you share your story, what you rock at, who you’re targeting and so much more.

The more you tell me about your business, the more I can help you.

When you trust in me, you best believe I’ll work the hardest to write copy that sells to help your business shine the brightest.


Ready to welcome copy that sells? We’re ready to make magic happen for your business.

Contact your local Perth Copywriter at Craven Content today.

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