Decided to start your own business venture? Perhaps you’re wanting to grow your existing one.

There are many ways a copywriter helps your business grow.

Read more from Perth copywriter, Craven Content, to find out how.


A copywriter gets your business seen


Have you ever wondered why some websites are at the top of the search page, while yours is lost in the crowd?

Google works in mysterious ways…

A Perth copywriter will support you in your quest to get seen by Google, which in turn, enables your website to be seen by potential clients and customers.


  • Search engine optimisation (aka knowing and utilising the keywords that people search for)
  • Employing a tone of voice that is uniquely yours, and
  • Through consistent, engaging and consistently engaging copywriting to intrigue your readers

A business that is known and loved by its target market is one that stays afloat and grows.

Does your business need help getting seen online?


A copywriter provides a unique perspective


Have you ever been so involved with your business that you miss the finer detail?

As an outside source, a copywriter provides a fresh, new approach to your business.

Don’t worry, Craven Content provides a creative brief to ensure:

  • I get to know you and your business,
  • Understand your goals and expectations, and
  • Comprehend the nitty-gritty: target market, tone of voice and unique selling point

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the reigns of your business – it’s hard for me, too! However, hiring a Perth copywriter may just be the best decision you make for growing your business.

A fresh and exciting rebranding may be just what’s needed. A copywriter like myself will find the spark and magic in your business, which might have been lost along the way.


Professional brand and content strategy with a Perth copywriter 


A great Perth copywriter will utilise a brand and content strategy to help you grow your business.

What are these?

A brand strategy analyses how your business brand is perceived, and reworking where necessary. Whereas content strategy is the planning, development and implementation of all those beautiful words on your website, socials and marketing.

Craven Content provide Perth copywriting services, including:

  • Website content writing
  • Blog writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Marketing campaign and brochure content writing
  • Proposal and grant writing
  • Resume writing
  • Content strategy
  • Business capability statements and more.

If you’re ready to attract the right attention, engage your readers and convert them into clients, a Perth copywriter will help you nurture and reap the rewards of business growth.

The copy that you want and the copy that you need is

Need help growing your business?

Contact Craven Content today for Perth website content and copywriting services to help your business shine.

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