Craven (great) content?

Don’t rush, because it’s well worth the wait.

Recently, I’ve had many potential clients expecting me to get started on their content right away. Sorry, not happening. Why? Well, what is one of the many signs of a great Perth Copywriter and Content Writer? A booked out one!

A great Perth Copywriter and Content Writer will not be sitting waiting for you to contact them and be ready to commence your project right away.  Quite the contrary. They’ll usually be booked out for weeks, possibly months even!

If you want content right away, you can probably get it…somewhere, but I can tell you right now, it probably won’t be quality.

Why? Because there is so much more to great content and copy than the words you see on paper, or your screen – like the ones you’re reading right now.

So, what else is there to great content and copy and why is it well worth the wait? Continue reading to find out…


Rome wasn’t built in a day (neither was content)


Okay, I apologise in advance for using perhaps one of the most overused proverbs of all time, but it’s relevant and it’s true, so I’m just going to roll with it.

If you’re trying to create your own roman empire (a business one that is), there’s absolutely no way this can be built in a day. So, how do you expect a Copywriter and Content Writer to gain insights into all the inner workings of this empire you’re building in one day?

Just like creating your business, creating (great) content takes time.


A great Copywriter will ask the right questions


For a Perth Copywriter and Content Writer, questions – the right ones, are extremely important.

When I meet with my clients to take a Creative Brief, I ask question, after question, after question. Why? To ensure I understand you, your business, your brand, what you are trying to sell and the message you are trying to get across, as best I can.

If I don’t understand all that, then what hope do I have of writing highly effective and highly awesome content? Not much.

All this takes time.

Perth Content Writer

Research, research, research


All the copywriting and advertising greats know the value of research. The right Copywriter and Content Writer will know it too.

David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, said to “stuff your conscious mind with information” so you have plenty to work with.

Not only do we take the time research you, your business, industry and competition, we take the time to research and get to know your target market too – that’s no mean feat.


Your content will be SEO friendly


Writing content is one thing, but getting it seen by the right people, well, that’s a different ballgame altogether.

Seriously though. What’s the point in having content written for your target audience if they’re not even going to see it?

This is where SEO comes in. A great Perth Copywriter and Content Writer will know SEO and how to optimise your content accordingly.

They will do the research (yes, that’s right, more research) to ensure the right keywords are included within your content, without stuffing them in (as you’ll soon be doing with your Christmas turkey).

Professional Proof-readers will read it


Grammatical and spelling errors are embarrassing and reflect poorly on your brand. This is why any good Perth Copywriter and Content Writer will have a professional proof-reader on standby ready to review their words.

Waiting for them to run their expert eyes over your content to ensure it’s written to perfection and is error-free, will be well worth the wait – trust me.


As you can see, there is so much more to great content and copy than the words you see on paper, or your screen (and I haven’t even included all of it).

I’m currently taking bookings for December 2019 and only have a few spots left, so if you’re craven content and understand why great content is well worth the wait, contact me today.

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