Negativity gets you down and out – whether that’s negative vibes, a negative attitude, negative people and/or negative language.

The written word, too, has the power of negativity, but also, positivity.

Businesses have one chance to make a great first impression on their target market. So, make it count – with positive website copywriting, enticing content writing and beautifully-written business blogs. Why risk making the first impression a negative one?

What language will you choose for your business? Negative or positive?

Read more from Perth Copywriter, Craven Content to discover why your brand language needs to be a positive one.


What is positive business brand language?


Content that engages and informs, that thrills and intrigues – this is how to form a perfectly positioned, positive business brand.

But what is a business brand? And why should it be positive?

Business branding is how a business identifies itself and how customers recognise and experience a business. Positive business brand language is the difference between aggression and connection, between a hard no and a resounding yes.

So, how can you turn a regular or non-existent business brand into a positive one?

Develop a content strategy. Start by forming three words that you want your brand to identify with.  For example, mine are magic, shine, and Craven.

Ruminate on the ‘why’ behind your business, your mission and ideal tone of voice.

Need help with the above? If you have ideas for a positive business brand, a Perth Content Writer will turn them into wonderful website copy to attract your target market.


Positive reactions from your target market


Your target market doesn’t want to know what they’re lacking.

They want to know:

  • What they have – be that an idea or a problem
  • How you can help them – a product, a service or a connection, and, most importantly …
  • That they’re not alone and you understand them.


We could all do with a little more positivity in our lives, some connection and understanding.

Right now, I would even go so far as to say a virtual hug! People buy from people and consumers are more likely to place their trust in positive, solution-based interactions, positive language and business branding.

So, sweep that negative language out the door and open the window to sunny, warm, and powerfully positive business language – pronto!

Not sure where to begin?


Get positive with a Perth Content Writer

Content is your first step towards a magical journey to words with positivity.

Positivity has the potential to blossom through our day-to-day interactions and will turn a bad day into a not-so-bad day.

Do you want to attract negative clients? Probably not! What you likely want from a positive business brand, are clients who connect with positivity too.

Stick with positive language in your business brand strategy and you’ll attract the positive target market of your dreams.


With positive Perth copywriting and content writing, such as:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog writing
  • Content writing and more.

Tell your story, increase your brand awareness and create a positive connection with your target market with a Perth copywriter who will generate the positive language that best suits your business.

Contact Craven Content today for a Perth Content Writer who crafts words that positively engage target markets.


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