As a Perth Content Writer, some of my most valued advice is not to create content just for the sake of creating content. Words, the bread and butter of content, are used to inform, persuade, evoke emotion, understand and inspire.

So, don’t just create content for the sake of creating content. Instead, create content for your ideal customers with purpose and intention.

Read more from Perth Content Writer Craven Content to find out why your business needs a content strategy.


What is a content strategy?


A content strategy is your why; why you’re creating the content, who it’s for, and how it will help them.

Without this, you’re running blind and creating content without a true purpose. It combines the power of words with the nitty-gritty of measurements. Think of your content strategy as the piece of your marketing plan that demonstrates this.

In a nutshell, a content strategy includes:

  • Planning
  • Developing, and
  • Management of content, written or other media.

The content that forms your strategy could include anything from blogs to eBooks, infographics to social media posts – this includes the visual side of your content too (not just the words).


Why does your business need a content strategy?


A content strategy for your business aims to nurture interest, build trust with your target market and ideal customers, boost engagement, establish relationships, generate leads and increase sales.

A content strategy for your business will help you:

  • Promote your brand and increase awareness
  • Educate, entertain and inspire your audience
  • Improve SEO
  • Cultivate connection
  • Increase authority and credibility
  • Create content worth sharing
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Boost a positive online reputation

To have and to hold, in sickness and in health – your content strategy needs commitment!

Luckily, a Perth Content Writer like me will work with you to develop a clear content strategy with content writing to be proud of and, to convert leads into meaningful business relationships.


What does a content strategy from Craven Content look like?


Now that we’ve delved into why you need a content strategy, what does a content strategy from Craven Content look like?

How a content strategy from Craven Content can help your business shine:

  • Clearly defined goals – do you want your content to boost brand awareness, improve search engine rankings, or something else entirely?
  • Target audience research – your business needs to know its audience. We’ll perform target audience research and create clever content to engage with them.
  • Ideal customer focus – attract the right customer at the right time with stand-out content writing that’s unique and offers genuine value to them.
  • Results measuring – consumption metrics, social sharing metrics, lead metrics, conversions and sales can all be examined by our SEO expert, using Google Analytics.
  • Amplification – Be smart with the channels you publish your content on, by using the platforms you know they frequent (hello target audience research).
  • Repurposing – Reformat, repurpose and retarget – clever content doesn’t have to be seen and used just once.

Your business could get all this and more with Craven Content’s, Perth Content Writing and strategy services.

Combined with our existing services such as blog writing and website content, your business will attract all the right customers in no time.

Planning, developing and managing content may seem a tedious and unnecessary task, but it will reap many benefits for your business. Words that help us understand why we need a particular product or service help us identify with and choose a brand.


Without a content strategy, businesses aren’t thinking too far into their future. Without content, customers are left in the dark.


With a Perth Content Writer, you’ll get premium content strategy services that excite and entice, inform and illuminate your target market.

Need help crafting your very own content strategy?

Contact Craven Content, Content Writer Perth today, services to engage and attract your target market.



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