Tone of voice; how words are spoken, messages are relayed – I’m not talking about this though. I’m talking about the tone of voice of your business.

That’s right, businesses have a tone of voice too, but it’s not about changing your pitch, volume or tempo in the delivery. It’s about a well-planned and implemented tone of voice that works with your business brand to make you stand out from the crowd.

Read more to find out why your business needs one.


Business brand and tone of voice


Humans are naturally sociable creatures, and we form relationships based on trust and how relatable we are to each other. The tone of voice of your business comes across in both your verbal and written communications with your customers.

Marketing 101 shows us that people buy from people – that humanising yourself as a business owner, complemented with a well-rounded business brand makes you relatable to your customers and stand out amongst competitors.

Let’s explore an example of a Perth business’ tone of voice and find out what yours could be with the help of a Perth content writer.


Craven Content’s tone of voice


Not sure if you have a tone of voice yet for your business?

Perhaps it’s non-existent, or a bit robotic when digitally communicating with customers. Take my positive brand and tone of voice, for instance.

The Craven Content brand voice is:

  • Casual
  • Friendly
  • Informative
  • Magical
  • Vulnerable
  • Personable

As a Perth content writer, I use my business socials to start a dialogue with my followers – follow me on Instagram to see what I mean.

Why do I work hard for this brand and tone of voice? Because I want people to relate to me, understand why I do what I do, help other businesses and be approachable (and it’s working).


Finding your tone of voice with a Perth copywriter


Don’t know what your brand’s tone of voice is, or don’t know what you want it to be? Don’t worry. As a Perth Copywriter and Content Writer, I’ll help you:

  • Humanise your brand
  • Spread relatability
  • Develop trust with your customers
  • Get results for your business


Whether it’s copywriting, blog writing or content writing, working with me will help you identify, create and shape your business brand and tone of voice, helping customers relate and engage with you.

People buy from people and creating a dialogue with your customers builds trust. Let’s stop distancing ourselves from our customers and start making connections. A tone of voice in initial business branding often gets ignored, but to a Perth Copywriter, finding it and using it is everything!

In search of an identifiable and positive business brand?

Want to know more about finding the best tone of voice for your business?

Contact Craven Content today to see how working together can make your business shine.


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