In a recent meeting, I was slightly challenged when a potential client said:

“I can write! Why do I need you?”

Admittedly, I was slightly taken a back as I had never been asked this question before.  After pausing, I responded with, “I’m glad you asked. I need practice at selling myself and what I do!”

You see, I’m not afraid to admit that I need practice.

My response went a little something like this:

Good copy needs to be well written, grammatically correct and free from spelling errors, but it’s also much more than that.  Perfectly written copy is absolutely useless if it doesn’t speak directly to your target audience, nor addresses their unique wants and needs.

Why? Because in order to sell your product or service, you need to speak directly to the person you want to sell it to and you need to speak their language!

As an excellent Copywriter, I ensure all of this and more.


What if I can do it?


You may still find yourself thinking, “I can do that!”  If that’s the case, brilliant!  Why pay someone else to do it, if you can do it, right?

However, when thinking about writing your own copy there are some things you will need to take into consideration.


Do you have the time?

Writing your own copy is all well and good if you can do it, but do you have the time?

If you’re only going to be able to allocate a couple of hours per month to writing, then there really isn’t much point, as you won’t be getting enough content out there for your business to benefit from.  Consistent and regular copy is essential for your business to gain the exposure it deserves.


Do you know what to write about?

So, you have the ability to write well and you know your audience, but do you know what to write about? Do you know what your audience wants to read and when?

Without a clear content plan, you may find yourself wondering what to write about at the last minute, thus resulting in rushed, poorly written and even boring copy!


Can your business afford it?

Now I don’t mean, can your business afford the money, because your business won’t incur any further costs if you’re doing it yourself. What I mean is, can your business afford you to spend time away from working in the business? Can your business afford for you to be writing for a few hours each week?

This point is crucial and may negatively impact your business if not considered!


In most cases, I find that small business owners just don’t have the time, which is why my service comes in handy.  You can ensure that regular and engaging copy is being written for your business, while focusing on doing what you do best…running your business!

Want to speak directly to your target audience with regular and engaging content?

Get in touch with me today, to find out how I can help your small business shine!

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