Working from home is both a pleasure and a pain. While I could sit here and list the pros (comfort, P.Js, absence of commute) and the cons, I won’t.

In this strange new world we live in, where we’re staying home to save lives – those of us still fortunate to have jobs are being thrown into the uncharted home office abyss, for now anyway.

It’s not easy when you’re starting out! The distractions, the loneliness, the confusion about what to wear, or whether to put on makeup or shoes, and do you have to drive around the block first? (who knows). The temptation to watch Netflix or cook a casserole, the constant urge to clean or put some washing on, and don’t get me started on the people who think you’re not working and that you’re available for coffee, because you work from home (at least you won’t have that problem now).

In the beginning, I honestly never thought I’d be productive again. But I worked on it, I got into my groove and found my way. Now, as a Perth Copywriter, I’ve been working from home for over two years and I’m here to show you how it’s done – successfully, too.

How did I do it? How do I manage to work so well at home (most of the time)?

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Create a dedicated office space


Depending on the layout of your humble abode, you may already have a study/dedicated ‘home office.’

What if you don’t? That’s okay – it’s time to find a space and make it your 9-5 (or whatever time tickles your work fancy) grind space.

It’s crucial to keep and treat your office space like you would your workplace. Keep phones and Netflix away and forget about that gigantic load of washing for a while!

Home office essentials:

  • A desk, duh! Whether it’s a standing desk or a regular desk, a breakfast bar or dining table – any desk will do
  • An office chair that helps you to maintain good posture, support and is adjusted to your height
  • A footstool (if you’re little like me)
  • Your trusty laptop or desktop computer
  • Plenty of accessible drinking water, coffee/tea to get you through your workday
  • Even you want to go really crazy, try to find a sit/stand desk and a second screen

Whether it’s the dining room table or a dedicated study room – make it yours. Decorate it with little touches like an office plant or stationery too. Me? I love to have photos, positive quotes, candles and flowers in my office (but I have the space).


Avoid distractions


Whilst some distractions simply can’t be avoided (such as your neighbour’s son banging his basketball against the fence), do what you can to deter them when you can. Put your AirPods on with your favourite tunes to drown out some of the noise, keep your phone out of sight to avoid mindless social media scrolling and set time aside for doing the washing or baking that next loaf of banana bread. You can do it. You can have a break. But set specific break times and stick to them!

If you don’t…. the day will be gone before you know it and there won’t be many ticks on that to-do list of yours – trust me!


Create a routine


Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, choose the times that work best for you and create a routine around it.

My hours change. I don’t work the same hours every day because I simply don’t have to. And, as a writer, I need to write when the mood strikes me or I feel I’m ‘in the zone’ – whether that be at 9 am or 11 pm, it doesn’t really matter – as long as I make the magic happen!

What I do however, always do, is block out my days in advance and set days and times for allocated tasks, i.e. these days and hours are for writing projects and these are for business development, admin, meetings, or marketing – get my gist? You’ll be far more productive this way.

In simpler times when I actually left the house for meetings, I would only take meetings on a Thursday because that was the day of my BNI meeting. It may sound ridiculous, but it was unproductive for me to take them on any other day, so I made that rule and stuck to it. That’s it. No exceptions.


Here’s a guide of my working from home routine as a Perth copywriter:


  • 7:00am – Rise and shine, stretch and check my socials while getting in some exercise on my treadmill
  • 8:00am – Shower, breakfast and most importantly – COFFEE!!
  • 8:30am – Start the workday, respond to overnight emails and see what I have in store for the day ahead
  • 9:00am – Write website content, business blogs, and copy
  • 1:00pm – Lunchtime! I try to take 30 minutes to eat, check my phone and sit in the sun
  • 1:30pm – It’s business as usual – writing magic for my valued clients
  • 4:30pm – Phone calls and followups
  • 5:30pm – Respond to any emails from throughout the day, complete any accounting or admin tasks and plan the following day using my calendar and #ControlFreak Diary.
  • 6:30pm – Some nights, I’ll continue working (if I’m in the zone). Other nights, I’ll try and switch off and relax. This is usually done with a glass of red wine, cooking dinner, whilst watching The Project. Later, I’ll read a book, have a bath or watch a bit of Netflix before going to bed.


We all work and live differently, so don’t feel you have to do things this way – this is simply a guide that may help.

A couple of coffee breaks are in there too (for good measure and sanity), but that’s about it.


Keep your business brand alive


As we work from home, we may lose sight of our business brands and momentum during these uncertain times.

As a Perth copywriter, I implore you to continue to stay connected and keep your business brand alive. These difficult times will end, and our businesses will rise from the ashes when this is all over.

Remember to continue with:

  • Engaging social media posts
  • Relevant and topical blogs
  • Reassuring content for your clients


Working from home is new to many of us, but it doesn’t have to be an endless stream of distractions and decrease in productivity. With the right office space, minimisation of distractions, a dedicated routine and connection – you will get through this – we all will.

Need help keeping your brand flourishing through COVID19?

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