If we want to get technical, writing for Google is necessary to get your website seen, content read and business booming.

We can’t just write for Google though. If we want to get real, if we want our readers to soak up all our wordy goodness and get results, we need to write for our readers first.

The readers are your audience, clients or potential clients who will (hopefully) read your well-written words and be persuaded to buy your incredible product or use your splendid service.

How can you make sure you write for Google, without forgetting to write for your readers first?

Read more from Perth Copywriter, Craven Content – I’ll show you how.


What is Google-friendly content?

Google-friendly content is search engine optimised (SEO). Although we don’t really know how Google’s algorithm works, we have a guide on how to get on Google’s good side, and by that, I mean appearing on the first page (or preferably the top result).

Essentially, Google-friendly SEO content:

  • Ranks higher on Google searches
  • Drives more traffic to your website
  • Creates more authenticity for your target market and Google.

Definitely write for Google by posting consistently good content with keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and internal links.

We want our website to be noticed, and our content to be read and enjoyed, so by all means, follow the rule-book and put the time into getting on Google’s radar with SEO and page building.

But don’t forget about who you’re really writing for – your readers (AKA potential clients) with reader-friendly content!


What is reader-friendly content?

Visually rich imagery, a pinch of the humorous if you must and a conversational style that is relatable to boot– this is what writing for your readers is all about.

For example, if you’re a Perth jewellery store owner and want your website to be high-ranking, then you’ll need relevant keywords like Engagement rings Perth, Perth custom engagement rings, bespoke white gold engagement rings Perth and so on. This will get you on Google’s good side, sure, but might not be enough to entice your readers.

Why? Only having Google in mind when writing pretty much guarantees:

  • Poorly written content
  • Content that doesn’t make any sense to readers (only robots)
  • Keyword stuffing which doesn’t flow or read well, and is quite frankly just ridiculous
  • Google WILL recognise your shiftiness and won’t rank you any higher! In fact, Mr Google may even penalise you as a result.


How do you make your content reader and Google-friendly?

So, how do you do it? How do you make your content reader AND Google-friendly?

To get the best of the SEO stuff and be reader-friendly, sprinkle your SEO keywords sparingly into captivating content, whilst writing for your reader. How? Let’s go back to our example of a Perth jewellery store owner who wants to rank high AND engage with readers, so let them know:

  • You understand the individuality of their love
  • How exciting romance and proposals are
  • That you’re passionate about creating bespoke pieces just for them
  • Why your engagement rings are better than the rest.

Readers want to engage with your business and discover why they NEED you over your competition, and how you can help – Don’t be afraid to show them!

Sure, write for Google, but don’t forget to write for your readers first!

Your readers are your clients and potential clients, so you need to put them first. You want them to like what you read and gain value from it, don’t you?

Write naturally first. Optimise for SEO second. Doing this, will ensure your content makes sense, isn’t crammed with keywords and is well written, with your audience in mind.

And guess what? You may even find your keywords are already in there anyway, naturally!


How a Perth Copywriter makes magic happen

We all have the words inside of us, but sometimes we just can’t get them onto paper, or our digital platforms. Enter professionals like me, a Perth Copywriter, who works with businesses and people like yourself to get your thoughts, ideas, brand and words onto paper (or laptop) and into reader and Google-friendly content.

A Perth Copywriter combines the technicality of SEO and beautiful wordsmanship to build your brand and ranking, ensuring we write for Google, but your readers first.

Need help getting your story out there?

Contact Craven Content today for creative and professional content to resonate with readers and drive more traffic to your website.

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