So, you’ve decided to kick your marketing game up a notch and want to write a business blog – this is a very wise decision and I’m super proud of you!

When written correctly and consistently, blogs are a highly effective marketing tool.

For optimum effect, there are a few things a business blog must include.

As a Perth Copywriter, Content Writer and Business Blogging specialist, I happen to know all these things and want to share 6 of these with you today.


1. Powerful headline


Your headline needs to be a powerful one.

Not only does it need to indicate to the reader what your blog is about, it also needs to grab their attention and make them want to read it.

It needs to make them say, “OMG I have to read this blog!”

Get the gist?


Perth Copywriter


2. An intriguing introduction


You’ve got the reader – they’re in. Well, almost…The introduction is what will keep them or lose them (no pressure).

So, how do you keep them reading?

By making sure your introduction is intriguing, engaging and has the ability to connect with the reader on some level.

Your introduction should tell the reader more about the blog, but just a little – not so much that they don’t need to continue reading, but just enough to keep them intrigued, and curious enough to continue.


3. Super Subheadings


Subheadings. I can’t get enough of them.

Why? We’re all short on time these days and want information fast, which is why most of us tend to skim read. Subheadings make skimming that much easier, thus making your blog easier to read.

And guess what? Not only do your readers love them, Google loves them too (bonus).

Don’t go crazy now, 3-4 subheadings in a 500-word business blog will suffice.


4. Attractive Images


We love images and (psst) Google loves them too.

Give your readers something to look at within the blog, by adding some attractive, high-quality images that relate to the blog content.

1-3 images per blog works a treat. Don’t forget to purchase your images or use free Stock Image websites though (no stealing allowed).



5. Clever Conclusion


What’s the point of your business blog? Are you sure your readers know?

We’re nearly at the end of the blog now, so you’d better make damn sure they do. You can make sure by adding a conclusion – this basically summarises the blog and reminds the reader of the point of it, and what you really want them to take away.


6. Clear Call to Action


Last but not least, the call to action.

What is a call to action? It’s exactly that. You’re telling the reader what action you would like them to take after reading.

Don’t sell. I repeat, don’t sell – this is not the purpose of a business blog. What you can do though is make a subtle suggestion, such as:

  • Want to find out more? Contact me today (subtle suggestion)
  • If you want some blog inspiration, head to my blog page (more value)
  • Want a little help with your blog? Check out my services page (information)

See what I did there?

Stick to one action. Don’t confuse your readers by giving them too many options – one call to action is enough.


Well done for making the wise decision to add a blog to your business’s marketing strategy.

When written correctly and consistently, business blogs are a highly effective marketing tool. With these 6 tips, you’ll be well on your way to engaging your readers and increasing conversions with blogs in no time!

Like what you read? Want tips specific to your business? Work with me.

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