Today I said no.

I said no to a potential client. I said no for the first time in my business.

I bet you’re thinking, “She must be crazy!”

But first, let me explain…

A potential client wanted some website copy written within 3 business days.  I knew that realistically, even without all the other work projects and commitments I currently have on my plate, there was no way I could comfortably get this project completed for them in time.

The old me, however, would have said yes and spent the next few days stressing and working crazy hours so I could fit everything in.

But then, I reminded myself that I need to look after me.  I reminded myself that I am only one person, after all!

Not only am I only one person, my business is only one person too.

So, if I don’t look after me, I’m effectively not looking after my business.  And if I’m not looking after my business, then guess what?  It’s not going to succeed!

Before too long, I will likely be overworked, overtired and over it!  And Craven Content may cease to even exist (stranger things have happened).


A little compromise


Now, of course, I did not simply say no and hang up the phone on my potential client.

I compromised.

Originally, I advised that I could have the project completed in 14 business days, but he wanted it completed in 3.

I said no, I cannot have this project completed to you within 3 business days.  What I can do, however, is have it to you by Friday next week (halving my original proposal).  That’s more than reasonable, right?

Well, do you know what?  He obviously thought so too, because it all worked out okay, anyway!


I still got the business


He didn’t run over to the nearest Copywriter to get the project completed quicker.

That potential client is now a client and is paying his deposit as I write this blog.

And let’s face it, if he had declined my offer and gone elsewhere, it’s unlikely he would have had his wishes granted by anyone else anyway.  Why?  Because I know Copywriters (good ones) and chances are they too, wouldn’t have been able to complete such a project within 3 business days, meaning he may even have come back to me after all.

But do you know what?  Even if he hadn’t.  It wouldn’t have mattered to me.

Why?  Because as much as I would like to make everyone happy, I know that I can’t possibly and would end up going crazy if I tried!


You are only one person

Your business is only one person too


The moral of the story?  You are only one person – your business is only one person too.

So, it’s important to look after yourself and simply say no from time to time.

You are your business and you need to function in order for your business to function.

And at the end of the day, you really can’t please everyone.  And you know what?  The right clients… well, they will come to you and they will stay.


When I’m not looking after my business and myself, I’m using my way with words to help other small businesses shine – Get in touch to find out more about how I do it today!

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