Everybody has their strong points and struggles. Some of us have a knack for crunching numbers, whilst others are musical maestros or perhaps blossoming bakers. As Perth proofreaders, the Craven Content team made up of Sami and Kate, hold our way with words as our strong point.

We understand that not everyone is a bona fide word nerd like that, and of course, not everyone has English as their first language. Side note: anyone who knows two or more languages should be very proud of themselves!

If having a way with words is not your strong point, don’t worry. You can always enlist the expertise of a Perth proofreader with eyes for editing.

Today on the Craven Content blog, we’ll be exploring 3 reasons you need a proofreader for your business.


Proofreader Reason 1: Errors are embarrassing

Spelling and grammatical errors can be very easy to make, especially when you’re in a rush. But, these errors are embarrassing and reflect poorly on your business and overall brand.

In the worst-case scenario, these mistakes can even make you lose clients – whether they consciously know it or not.

Want to know what isn’t embarrassing? Realising you need help with your writing.

Trust your brand to a Perth proofreader and editor who will ensure 0% mistakes, 100% of the time.


Proofreader Reason 2: You want to be seen as professional

Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ quite like a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors in an important document.

As a business owner, you want to be seen as a professional with care and attention to detail.

A proofreader can help ensure this happens.


Proofreader Reason 3: Two pairs of eyes are better than one

Even the best writer in the world has only one pair of eyes and two pairs of eyes are always better than one.

A second pair of eyes means no second-guessing your writing skills, and that absolutely every error will be picked up on and corrected before your clients see.

In fact, Kate and I check each other’s work on the regular.


Where can you find a proofreader in Perth?

That’s easy. Right here, at Craven Content.

When you’re adamant you want to write your own words, it pays to have a fresh pair of well-trained eyes to look over them for you.

You bring the bulk of the words; we’ll make sure:

a). it makes sense and flows correctly. This is known as ‘structural editing.’

b). the words (aka ‘copy’) are improved, ensuring the right words are used in the right places. This is commonly referred to in the copywriting world as ‘copyediting.’

c). no spelling or grammatical mistakes make it to the final piece. Don’t know your their, they’re and there’s? Don’t worry, your local editors and proofreaders do – plus so much more.


Don’t have the eyes for editing? You may need a proofreader for your business. 

Craven Content has the Perth proofreading and editing services you need for publishing peace of mind.

Enlist a second pair of eyes for your business’ website, blogs or marketing campaigns.

Get your free quote today.

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