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Meet the Craven Content team

Sami Craven

Founder, Director, Head Copywriter & Content Writer

Hi! I’m Sami Craven and I created Craven Content in 2017 to help businesses find the right words.

From a very young age I loved writing and have had a way with words. I excelled in English and was forever writing short stories, song lyrics and poetry.

I was first published at just twelve years of age, when one of my poems was featured in Dolly Magazine (I still have one of the lip smackers I won as a memento)! Even back then, grammatical and spelling errors jumped out at me in almost everything I read, and so developed my love of editing. Reading websites other written communications, I often envisage more powerful ways they could be written, and it occurred to me that many people need assistance in this area.


Creating Craven Content

In recent years, I have completed studies in Business Administration, Communication and Media, Blogging, Copywriting, Content Writing and Social Media.

In July 2016, Craven Content was established, mostly as a side-hustle. In October 2017, I took a leap of faith, quit my day job and the rest is history.

Now, over 200 small businesses, in 40 different industries, across Perth and Australia have experienced the magic of my words and this number continues to grow. It’s grown so much in fact, that I now have a team.


My Perth team of Copywriters and Content Writers are passionate about helping you and your business, whatever that may be.

I’ve written copy and content for many different businesses within a range of industries, such as beauty, food, trades, education, finance, health, fitness, construction, immigration, recruitment, coaching, fashion, legal and real estate (just to name a few).

Whatever your business, we’ll help you find the right words.


We are chameleons.


  1. I love fancy food and a delicious drop of red wine.
  2. I’m a Sagittarius – so you can count on my honesty!
  3. I never finished high school.
  4. I have a range of work pyjamas (WFH life, am I right?!)
  5. I love public speaking!
  6. I’ve travelled to 20 countries.
  7. I’m an only child.
  8. I used to sing professionally.
  9. I wind down with a face mask and a Netflix series.
  10. I’m a writer without a pen licence.

Overcoming adversity

As a child I had a severe stutter and wasn’t able to get my thoughts and feelings across as often, or as well as I would have liked. Sometimes, I wasn’t able to get them across at all. I would spend much longer than the average person trying to speak. And so because speaking was often such a challenge for me… I wrote.

I wrote whenever and whatever I could. I wrote anything from stories to poems, to song lyrics, to everyday life in my journal. It was easier for me. I could express exactly what I wanted to express, when and how I wanted to express it.

With writing, I was free!


Kate Farrell

Content Writer and Copywriter

Hi! I’m Kate and I’ve been fortunate and privileged to happily tap, tap, tap away at my keyboard since the spring of 2019 with and for Sami Craven.

English was my favourite subject throughout school, which took me to pursuing a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Creative Writing and Professional Writing & Publishing.

Not much of a speaker, I prefer the written word to get my thoughts, feelings and opinions across and establishing a career in doing so is a dream come true.

Content writing is my forte – it’s here I can use my wordsmith ways to inform readers, entice an action and evoke emotion in readers. After all, who doesn’t love the power of good storytelling?

My words have been published on over 80 unique, and different small and medium business websites including furniture showrooms, electrical contractors, accountants, financial advisors, recruitment agencies, pet services, cosmetics start-ups and so much more.


  1. I love animals.
  2. I am partial to savoury over sweet.
  3. I take my coffee black and tea, minty.
  4. My Myers-Briggs Personality type is INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging)
  5. Working from home is the perfect set-up for this lil introvert.
  6. I am terribly bad at maths (I still count on my hands).
  7. I watch true crime documentaries to wind down.
  8. Halloween is my fave holiday.
  9. I bought my first home at the height of a pandemic.
  10. I dream of my forever home having a studio office out the back, and a veranda out the front. And an old rocking chair? Why not!


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