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Blog Envy? I have a cure for that

Perth Blog Writing

Build your brand with business blogs


Blogs are the perfect way to attract and keep your reader’s attention.

Why? Because they’re brief – much like the attention span of the 21st-century consumer.

Business blog writing services help inform and intrigue, humour and resonate with people and are succinct enough (500 words is the sweet spot) to give people the information they need to choose you.

How? Business blogs that are easily accessible on your website and shareable on social media allow your business to:

• Rank higher on Google
• Get noticed by your target market, and
• Increase authority, credibility and engagement with your audience

As a Perth Blog Writer, I’ve written hundreds of blogs for hundreds of different and diverse businesses. 

Whether it’s starting from the very beginning or revamping a dusty and deficient blog page on your website – if you have blog envy, Craven Content’s blog writing packages are the cure!

I guest lecture on blog writing at Edith Cowan University to inspire the next generation of professional wordsmiths, so I’m the right person for the job.


Boost your business one blog at a time


Have you ever looked at a competitor’s social media presence and thought to yourself

“Gee, they’re posting blog content regularly and their topics are quite engaging.

How do they have the time to do this?”

I’ll let you in or a little secret…they are very likely outsourcing their blog content to a blog writer – someone like yours truly.

Craven Content’s blog writing services will entice your readers in and encourage them, ever so subtly, to choose your business.

It’s the power of SEO. Your customers click on your website (because SEO blogs help it rank higher on search listings), engage with your content and recognise your business from the crowd.

A business that gets seen is a business that makes time for and is committed to their content marketing strategy. The easiest way to do this is to hire a professional Perth blog writer.

Craven Content:

  • Takes the time to understand your business and your ideal target market
  • Know the keywords that will get your business seen and your consumers connecting with you
  • Has a tried and tested way with words, professionalism and time-efficiency to boot


Power through the noise and stand out amongst your competitors with blogs that help boost your brand and get results.

Don’t have the time, energy or expertise to write your own blogs? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I’m ready to make your business shine and give it the attention it so deserves.

Beautiful business blogs await.

Businesses with Craven Content blog magic

  • Accountants and finance professionals
  • Medical professionals
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Electrical contractors
  • Entertainment hire companies
  • Gift hamper delivery services
  • Hobby shops
  • Insurance brokers
  • Jewellers
  • Limousine and group tour bus companies
  • Luxury beauty brands
  • Patio builders and installers
  • Plumbers
  • Property maintenance specialists
  • Real Estate agents
  • and many more

Is your business next?

I’m ready to make your business shine and give it the attention it so deserves.

Beautiful business blogs await from just $150 per month.


Sami has been writing blogs for me for several months and it is such a relief to know that this aspect of my marketing is now fully taken care of.

We have a discussion once a month about topic ideas and then a new article arrives in my inbox once a week “ready to go”.

David Officen

Director, proCFO

We found Sami via Google Search and have been working with her for about 2 months now. She is an amazing writer who understands your business, writes content to align with your services and makes sure it is SEO optimised.

Impressed with the quality of work she does and we highly recommend her content writing services.


Sukh Kaur

Nedlands Group

Sami writes a bi-monthly blog for NexGen Tradies – She is so good at the topics I ask her to write up for me. I am so often amazed at her ability to understand and convey the subject matter. She obviously does the research and then can explain the topic in simple readable terms – Get the right person for the job and it looks easy!

Thank you, Sami, you are doing a great job for my business

Tony McEntee

Director, NexGen Tradies