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Connect with your customers with Copywriting

Words can be tantalising and alluring… Cleverly written copywriting from a whimsical word wizard will provide the magic that’s needed to make your business shine.

Whether it’s an all-important sales campaign, a start-up website or enticing email copy – a copywriter is here to help your business shine and soar to new heights.

Share your story with me and I’ll make sure it’s heard (read) by your ideal audience.

Craven Content turns robotic copywriting into remarkable, the mundane into magical and the ‘maybe’ consumers into die-hard fans.

Let me help you tell your story, increase brand awareness and get results with words your readers will connect with and love.


What’s Copywriting anyway? 

Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising and marketing.

The end product? Copy!

The ultimate goal of copy:  To increase brand awareness and persuade a person to take a particular action.

There’s a lot of writing involved with owning and operating a business, dare I say, even more so with consumers of the 21st century?

Smartphones, tablets and laptops help us consume information at any hour of the day, any day of the week. So, there’s no wonder the need for a copywriter didn’t fade away in the Mad Men days.

People want to know your WHY:

  • Why you do what you do and why they need to choose you
  • They don’t care so much about how you do it, so avoid boring them with that.

Understand your why, tell people all about it and watch people start connecting.

Tell a story, create business relationships, evoke emotion and convert leads into die-hard fans.

It’s all possible with captivating copywriting on your digital platforms crafted by a clever Copywriter, like myself.

Whether your copy is for an advertisement, your website, digital or print, I will use my way with words to help your business shine.

Craft the business copy you’ve been dreaming of

What Craven Content Copywriting services are not

  • Copyright law. You’ll need a solicitor for that!
  • Copied from competitors or people in the copywriting community.

What Craven Content copywriting services are

  • Unique for you, your business and your customers
  • Magical and magnificent, and
  • The help you need to get out there and get seen.

Paper platforms or digital displays,

clever and creative copywriting services are one call away.