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Need a second pair of eyes? Enlist a professional editor and proofreader

Perth Editing and Proofreading

Perfect your words with Editing and Proofreading

Everyone has a voice and story, but not everyone knows the right words to convey it.

Some of us are good with crunching numbers, some of us are maestros in the kitchen…and then you have the rare word wizards who love spelling, grammar and revel at a chance to edit and proofread another’s work.

As a Perth Copywriter and Content Writer, I’m proudly the latter.

If it’s not spelt right, doesn’t read well or isn’t quite the correct word usage…I can snap my wordsmith fingers and fix it.

Craven Content’s editing and proofreading services turn typos into terrific tales and boring content into magical masterpieces of the written word.

My confidential editing and proofreading services will NOT make you feel like a writing failure but help you understand how to improve on your work and connect with your target audience.

Tongue-tied? Have the ideas but not the words to express them? Spelling not your thing? Too time poor to proofread?

It’s okay to ask for help from a professional word wizard. Even the world’s most profound and prolific authors have an editor to help them.

So, when Spellcheck or Grammarly aren’t up for the task, a qualified Perth copywriter and word nerd like me, has the eyes for editing you need.

The proof (reading) is in

the pudding.

As a bona fide word nerd, I:

  • Proofread and edit anything from emails, newsletters, websites, blogs and marketing campaigns
  • Review and edit product descriptions
  • Add a little magic to business director’s communications, capability statements, mission, visions, and values
  • Revise and refresh blog posts to include reader-friendly SEO content
  • Edit eBooks and printed books

My editing and proofreading services have seen me help clients where English isn’t their first language, and business owners who need technical terms rewritten, in lay terms, to appeal to and engage with non-experts.

Need a second pair of eyes? 

Structural editing

Involves reorganising the structure, omitting any repetition or rambling and offers content sparkle and suggestions.

It’s often the first point of call on a rough draft, written by someone who knows their area, but perhaps doesn’t have the words to express them clearly and concisely.


Involves paragraph and sentence structure reviews for tone, readability, spelling and grammar. At this stage, some feedback is still provided (if necessary) on content.

  • Does it make sense?
  • Is it written and presented in a way that makes sense to customers and/or people not involved with the business?
  • Is the spelling and grammar correct?
  • Is the flow, tone and overall copy optimised?



Last, but certainly not the least is proofreading.

This is the final stage of the editing and copywriting review process, aiming to pick up any final typos, spelling and/or grammatical errors.

A second pair of eyes is a valuable asset to improve your written business, academic or personal material.

Seek peace of mind with a professional writer who specialises in proofreading and editing services.

Turn typos into terrific and the mundane into magical. 


Sami, purchased one of our products and received parts of our email marketing sequence. She was kind enough to email me to let me know that there was grammar and spelling mistakes. I was horrified to hear of this. Sami mentioned this is her super power and she is not wrong!!!

I expected her to go in and correct any errors she could see, but she did way more. Sami, made our email marketing sound like us. A company who is all about the exceptional experience. I got emotional reading Sami’s versions. It is gift to be able to make words emotional.

I’ve paid a few different copy writers in my 20 plus years of business. None of them have made it this easy and gotten it so right – the first time.

I already have more work booked in with Sami.

Lala Macnab

Founder, Lala Design