Copywriting Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising and marketing. The end product? Copy!

The ultimate goal of copy:  To increase brand awareness and persuade a person to take a particular action.


What’s the difference between Copy and Content?

Copy demands or persuades and content informs, educates and/or entertains.

Copy and Content can be blended together, or used alone, depending on the purpose and end goal of the writing.


Can you help with copyright? 

No. I’m a Copywriter, not a lawyer. 

I can write. Why do I need a Copywriter? 

Good copy needs to be well written,

grammatically correct and free from
spelling errors, but it’s also much
more than that. Perfectly written
copy is absolutely useless if it doesn’t
speak directly to your target
audience, nor addresses their unique
wants and needs.

Why? Because in order to sell your
product or service, you need to speak
directly to the person you want to sell
it to and you need to speak their
language! As an excellent Copywriter,
I ensure all of this and more.

Read more about this here.


I’m not in Perth,

can you still help me?


Yes, I can work with anyone, anywhere, across 

Australia or around the world. 

How long will my

copywriting project take?

Every project is different.

After submitting your enquiry, I’ll be able to
provide you with a timeline for yours.


Do you offer packages?

Yes, my copywriting, content writing and blog packages start at just $150 per month. 

Request a copy of my small business shine guide to find the perfect package for you.


How do you charge?

I charge per project or package, not per hour, page or word. 

Contact me to request a copy of my small business shine guide for a guide of my pricing structure or request a personalsied quotation.

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