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5 Tips to write killer website content

Customers of the 21st century crave and demand more from all businesses they interact with online than ever before and this includes yours. They want to engage with your brand, get to know you, and discover why they should choose you over that other business offering...

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How a copywriter helps your business grow

Decided to start your own business venture? Perhaps you’re wanting to grow your existing one. There are many ways a copywriter helps your business grow. Read more from Perth copywriter, Craven Content, to find out how.   A copywriter gets your business seen  ...

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Why your brand language needs to be positive

Negativity gets you down and out – whether that’s negative vibes, a negative attitude, negative people and/or negative language. The written word, too, has the power of negativity, but also, positivity. Businesses have one chance to make a great first impression on...

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Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

As a Perth Content Writer, some of my most valued advice is not to create content just for the sake of creating content. Words, the bread and butter of content, are used to inform, persuade, evoke emotion, understand and inspire. So, don’t just create content for the...

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How to make your business more approachable

Leads, long-lasting connections, sales and viability – it’s what businesses want and what we need! Whether we sell house and land packages, write wonderful words, or operate a boutique bouquet delivery service, if we don’t have clients, we don’t have a business. So,...

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Write for Google, but write for your readers first

If we want to get technical, writing for Google is necessary to get your website seen, content read and business booming. We can’t just write for Google though. If we want to get real, if we want our readers to soak up all our wordy goodness and get results, we need...

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How to boost your business with LinkedIn

  LinkedIn – it’s essentially the Facebook of business. However, rather than ‘liking’ your family’s holiday photos or sending memes to your friends, you post and share relevant, relatable and professional content that may be meaningful and engaging to your...

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Working from Home – A beginner’s guide

Working from home is both a pleasure and a pain. While I could sit here and list the pros (comfort, P.Js, absence of commute) and the cons, I won’t. In this strange new world we live in, where we’re staying home to save lives – those of us still fortunate to have jobs...

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Why your business needs a tone of voice

Tone of voice; how words are spoken, messages are relayed – I’m not talking about this though. I’m talking about the tone of voice of your business. That’s right, businesses have a tone of voice too, but it’s not about changing your pitch, volume or tempo in the...

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Why great content is well worth the wait

Craven (great) content? Don’t rush, because it’s well worth the wait. Recently, I’ve had many potential clients expecting me to get started on their content right away. Sorry, not happening. Why? Well, what is one of the many signs of a great Perth Copywriter and...

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Blog envy?

I have a cure for that.